What struck me every time I had the opportunity to work with Bruce was his tenacious spirit when tackling a production no matter how complex or seemingly impossible the project may have seemed. Bruce’s passion, creativity and work ethic was something to learn from, and every project on which we collaborated was more successful as a result of his involvement. Detailed worker, creative problem solver, straightforward and honest...I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
— Patrick Strange, Content Strategy at Facebook

My clientele tends to vary greatly with regards to how much of my expertise they need in producing and designing their projects.  Some people will approach me with a clear vision and a very specific blueprint for me to follow.  Other times I'm approached by an organization that is stuck in the brainstorming phase and may even be making its first venture in to media production and don't have any idea of where to begin.  I'm very adept at navigating both of these scenarios and delivering the best products my clients need.  

All initial consultations are totally free.  During our first meeting my goal is to get to know you as an individual and/or an organization as well as answer some of the following questions:

  • What goals are you trying to achieve?
  • What needs to be created in order to achieve those goals?  
  • Who is your audience and through what means are you trying to reach them?  
  • How do you want to be perceived by your audience?  
  • What is your timeline?

After this session I create a production plan, which includes my fee.  If this proposal is accepted we sign a contract detailing the scope of the project and move into the production phase.  This part of the process will look very different depending on whether we are creating portraits for your business, shooting a live event with multiple camera operators, producing a fundraising video, and so on.   It may also be true that we have to spend a lot more time together in pre-production developing the basic concept before we move forward with scheduling and shooting.  What is similar amongst every situation is that we are in constant communication, I follow our game plan while being able to improvise with the unforeseen challenges and opportunities of each shoot, and I maintain a professional working relationship with you and anyone working with us.


Once the production phase is over (all the video has been shot and all of the photos have been taken) it's time for post-production.  This is more of an isolated working period for me as it is the phase where I toil at my computer with the raw materials we have created.  Despite this, I value your input at any point in the process and formally request it at two points:  once after the first draft has been submitted and a second time if any changes were necessary after the first draft so that I may submit the final product or create any additional edits.  Generally this applies more to video production, but it also applies to my photography work as well.  While every job presents its own unique set of hurdles and each one varies according to which stage takes the most time,  this is the basic process.

Ultimately I believe you'll find that working with me is, relatively speaking, a stress-free experience and at times downright enjoyable.  I make your needs and desires my own and I always bring my best possible self to work for you.  If the photos and videos I make for you help you succeed then I have done my job.