Bruce has a knack for knowing your audience. Our campaign DVD by Bruce France Videography and Photography is one of the best tools in our fundraising toolbox. He took time to learn about the organization and mission and used all the resources available to him to creatively produce a quality product, on time and on budget.
— Brooke Iglesias, Grant Writer at the Jesuit Grants Collaborative


One of the greatest joys in my work is helping people tell their story.  Whether it's a business informing the public about their services, a non-profit raising funds for future projects, or artists preserving their work for history, video is the modern medium by which we communicate with the wider world.  Below are just a few examples of the types of videos I've collaborated on with clients to transform their ideas into effective digital stories.



CRY YOU ONE - Short Documentary

Cry You One, created by New Orleans companies Mondo Bizarro and ArtSpot Productions, was part music concert, part processional, and part theatrical performance which, "celebrates the people and cultures of South Louisiana while  turning clear eyes on the crisis of our vanishing coast."  This is an excerpt from a longer documentary about the project.  Follow the links to learn more about this exciting work and the people who created it.


The Bipolar Millionaire - Book Promo Video

This video was part of a promotional package for this book about the author's lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder.  Author John E. Wade II, had the following to say regarding working with me:

“Bruce has worked on several projects for me and done a wonderful job on all. He combines creativity with an easy-going manner that helps produce an outstanding product.”



CellarDoor - Kickstarter Video 

Before it was so well known as a phenomenal bar and restaurant in the Central Business District of New Orleans, it was just a building and an idea of Greg Gremillion.  This was a Kickstarter video we created to help secure some additional funds to make the dream a reality.  Go grab a cocktail there today.



grand coteau - fundraising video

This video was part of a successful fundraising campaign to raise over $10,000,000 for renovations at the Spirituality Center to build housing and medical facilities for retired Jesuit priests.  



Gulf Tides - Short documentary

This video was created for the Gulf Restoration Network's Gulf Tides series.  This episode focused on restoring the wetlands of Louisiana after many natural and man made disasters from Hurricane Katrina, the BP oil spill and the creation of the MRGO.


Xavier University - Promo video

Xavier University's Department of Communications wanted to promote their field of study as a minor to their student body that is largely made up of science majors.  

Dr. Ross Louis had the following to say:

"We hired Bruce France Videography and Photography to create a narrative promotional video that showcases how our academic program connects communication skills to the health industry. Bruce’s design, professionalism, timeliness and sense of humor made the process an easy one. The result? We immediately received e-mails from new students interested in Health Communication."



Dr. Henry Sullivan - Book promo video

Yes, I do more than just make book promo videos.  However, I wanted to include this video about Dr. Henry Sullivan's book of poetry because I've had multiple occasions to work with him and every time we've met I've been touched by his written words and his calming spirit.  We captured a little bit of his magic here.